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The pest control services or extermination companies (that are our competition) that are offering you very long warranties, mutiple visits etc for a VERY LOW price are scamming you! They will only give you 1 visit with very low quality pest control products that don't kill all the pests! You are paying for LOW quality pest control products that don't kill the pests long term forcing you to pay them extra money for better quality pest control products in the future! For example: These scam artist companies will charge only sell you adult insecticide (which only kills the adults insects not the eggs, breeding etc; which different sprays do) or just rodent boxes (not pheremones which repel and draw the mice/rats out of your walls etc. THEN they will charge you extra money ( EVEN AFTER they have given you their first quote) on extra pest control services (insecticides which kills the eggs, make the female insects sterile/can't lay eggs, pheremones that draw female rodents out of the walls etc).

Welcome to Kingdom Pests Control

So why choose us?

OUR COMPANY: We do all the police and government buildings (see screenshots pics above). We have a 5-star rating. And we are winners of the contractor of the year awards in pest control in Canada.
Screenshots (factual emails/texts etc from our customers/testimonials/ratings:

“The competition will charge you VERY high prices more for low quality pest control services! We charge you MUCH less plus give we you HIGH quality pest control services!”


“We don’t oversell. We educate!”


***LOOK at the screen shots of texts from our customers to us please: This is factual proof of our quality! ***

  • We always include multiple treatment types on the VERY first visit. In Example: Multiple insecticide spray types: (1 for the babies, 1 for adults, 1 for the eggs, baited traps, insecticide powder, pheremone repellants, insecticide gel and much more! (Our competition will break up the treatments a.k.a just use gel etc for roaches, no pheremones for mice, just bait boxes etc and they have hidden costs etc). We do this on the first visit, our competition breaks up these treatment types and upsells you on them a.k.a hidden costs etc. Example A: The competition will charge you for just gel for roaches and when that doesn’t work you will need to pay them extra for the spray that kills the eggs, adults, and babies. When you hire us: you get all 3 types of sprays, plus the gel, powder and traps on the first visit. Example B: The competition will charge you for just mice bait boxes and will charge you extra for hole sealing etc. We will do hole sealing plus multiple types of bait, traps inside to kill the mice plus put pheremones around the property which repel the mice from coming near the structure.
  • We also provide heat treatment for all pest types which kills up to 30% to 40% of pests on the first visit. It is a heated insecticide gas that fills up a room exterminating the pests in that room as they breath in the gas.
  • If other exterminators quote you to you cheap for any pest type treatment (including insects) you are only getting the pest control treatments/products that kills the “adults only” not the babies eggs etc! If they quote you to high they are selling you unnecessary services (aka trap doors, fumigation, etc which you don’t need as there are lower cost and still effective alternatives).
  • For rats, mice, skunks, racoons, mice birds etc we use pheremones that make them avoid your house business as well as traps bait, and sealing of holes etc.
  • Our head exterminator has over 20 years of experience and multiple exterminator licences in Canada, America and Europe. He has worked for Zoo’s, and various government agencys and as an exterminator in 3 countries and he has worked for “all” of the big pest control companies.
  • We use commercial grade spray and pest control products from a high quality supplier which is stronger than the cheap stuff that other exterminators use.
  • We give discounts for repeat business , commission on sales etc.
  • We always provide back up supplies complimentary after we do the job for you on the first visit.
  • Warranty/service plan: These are the same thing. Our competition will charge you a VERY HIGH price and/or extra money in their warranty contracts and will only give you a maximum of one follow up visit (READ the fine print in their contracts). They will scam you without telling you and you will pay extra for one return visit in 6 months to a year. We give you the option to purchase this extended warranty (service plan) to save you money. Multiple visits are only needed in commercial restaurant settings where there is a larger food source etc that continously attracts pests. In residential one visit is often enough. We provide pest control on a cost per visit basis, except for commercial customers and customers that give us more business referrals etc.
  • Our competition is owned by large corporations (who own many businesses: not just pest control services) and they are greedy, un ethical, un moral and will cheat/scam you and take your money offering you low quality pest control services for VERY HIGH prices. We are a religious, spiritual, loving, friendly, caring, family owned highly ethical moral business and our purpose is to alleviate the suffering that “the pests” are causing you, your family, friends, and customers; by offering you the lowest price and best quality of pest control services/products.
We offer chemical and non-chemical pest control treatments such as steam and vacuum, dragnet, heat treatment and many more.
Natural pest control products have grown in popularity over the past several years, bringing new all natural and organic products that are safer than and just as effective as professional grade chemically based products. Organic pest control products offer an excellent alternative to chemical pest control for the environmentally conscious.
Do you want to make a little money yourself? We have a referral commission program!
If you find that any of our competitors or other pest control companies offer you a better price or warranty please let us know  and we will guarantee you a better price and warranty. We can also match competitors offers as well.

Prices and Services

We offer insecticide, pesticide, powder, junk and trash removal, heat treatment, fumigation, traps for all insects, animals and plants. We also provide eaves trough cleaning, weed spraying, grub removal, weed picking, seed planting, junk removal and general non skilled labour, grocery shopping, beer wine and food delivery, dog/cat washing/sitting, pick ups drop offs, house/car cleaning and other personal helper and assistant services, dog/cat nail clipping and vet pick up and drop offs etc. Please call us for a free quote!

Before choosing a pest control company or service…

BEWARE: Any pest control company or exterminator that charge you a very cheap rate.  There are pest control companies that are operating unlicensed, uninsured and using weak and ineffective products from China to save money.  When you hire our company you are paying for technicians who are licensed and insured by the government of Canada. We use pest control products that are approved and licensed for use in Ontario and we also buy registered products and chemicals from certified, approved vendors.
Always ask for exterminator and product licences before paying!